Mexican Fever: Toy Selectah’s Molotov cocktail

Molotov remix by toy selectah

Mexican Fusion Fever
Some may know I’ve been a huge fan of what we used to call fusion / crossover. It was in the last century!
Recently I decided to make a mixtape of Fusion / Crossover tunes that have been rocking me. So I’m listening, searching in my discs for my little selecta.

Molotov from Mexico
Among all these were an album by Mexican band Molotov: ¿Donde jugarán las niñas?
Back in 1997 they had a hit called Voto Latino which had gained a lot of attention in the USA; not only amongst the latin community. They would record the 2nd album with Mario Caldato Jr. End of the story for me.
12 years later cocktail
When I listened to Toy Selectah Mex More Ep there was a track that draw my attention. But i couldn’t identify why. The track is called Bailen el Puto.
The solution lied in the columns of iTunes. The artist is Molotov.

No Surprise
Since I discovered Toy Selectah raverton madness I thought this guy wasn’t only Mezcal locura. Now I’m sure that he’s been head bangin’ to some fusion / crossover stuff. These are goooood news.

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