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Maga Bo, Africa 90 Selection

Maga Bo
Je suis Maga Bo depuis un moment maintenant. Découvert d’abord via Sambacana, un show radio online, que je vous recommande chaudement au passage. Puis en creusant j’ai découvert ses mixs et mixtapes, ses albums.
J’apprécie beaucoup son travail et bien que je ne connaisse pas l’homme, Maga Bo a tout l’air d’être une VBP (aka vraie bonne personne). Le dj/producteur a accepté mon invitation. MERCI.
Je lui laisse la parole. Thanks for being among us.

This mix is not the latest « cutting edge » kuduro or bongo flava or hiplife or kwaito or whatever.

Actually, it could nearly be considered old school at this point. While there are tracks from as early as 1983 (Mahmouna by Nass El Ghiwane), the bulk of the tracks are classics from the 90s. Some were huge pan-african hits (Kanda Bongo Man’s « Monie » and Lucky Dube’s « Crazy World »), while others weren’t even released in Africa (Kanguru by Waldemar Bastos). Some are tracks that inspired my first visits to the African continent (King Sunny Ade and Sipho Mabuse), others are tracks that I heard out of nearly every passing mini van (Kanda Bongo Man or Alpha Blondy), while still others were tracks that I picked up on my travels (the cassette stall guy told me, « ah, this man, he is a very bad man » when I asked about the super hipster guy with mirror sunglasses on the cover in Egypt (Hassan El Asmar) and later turned into personal favorites.
There are a lot of key musicians that I had to leave out – Fela, Remmy Ongala, Brenda Fassie, Bonga, Soukous Stars, and that’s just the beginning. This is a bit of a departure from my usual detailed mixes – there are no fancy beat matching and on the fly edits, just a nice selection of music.

Tracklist :

1. Radio Freedom ANC South African Revolutionary Radio
2. Jive Soweto Sipho Mabuse
3. Monie Kanda Bongo Man
4. Shumba Thomas Mapfumo
5. Ilako King Sunny Ade
6. Kitab Hayarti Hassan El Asmar
7. Atawurulegn Lela Mahmoud Ahmed
8. Ya Loualid (Oh My Child) Chaba Zahouania/Cheb Khaled
9. Afriki Alpha Blondy
10. Crazy World Lucky Dube
11. Yaphel’ Imali Yam’ Busi Mhlongo
12. Kanguru Waldemar Bastos
13. Mahmouna Nass El Ghiwane
14. Radio Freedom ANC South African Revolutionary Radio

Illustration : Maga Bo

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